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September 2014 Photo of the Month: Washington Park Sunset

My September 2014 Photo of the Month is Washington Park Sunset, an image made near the City of Anacortes, North of Seattle.

Washington Park Sunset by T.M. Schultze
Washington Park Sunset by T.M. Schultze

Washington Park Sunset Background

Washington is usually not lacking for cloud cover. That being said, I don’t see too many good sunsets. When I visit in the Summer, it is usually clear, or completely overcast. The locals, including my friend Nick, says the other 10 months are just rain.

The weather was very nice for this sunset.  With just a little clearance to the West, I was able to free this fallen tree with a starburst.  I used my super-wide angle 14MM 2.8 lens to capture the entire tree.

I find that prime lenses create much cleaner starbursts than their zoom counterparts.  The lines are more distinct.  I also believe that it helps bring your eye to the bottom left, with the tree as a leading line up and to the right.  Western readers read this way.  It makes a difference in creating a composition that will be studied, versus getting a single look.

The entire trip through Washington was a true privilege.  There is so much to see that is unique.  Coming from an arid region, it is incredible to ponder how much water is present.  And this was a drought year for Washington.

The mountains that frame this image are the San Juan Islands, which became a National Monument last year.  Preservation is an important topic in the State of Washington, where much of the non-urban State has been driven by logging, much of it clear-cut.  We need more protected places.

Thanks go out to my friend Nick Spencer-Berger, who not only helped me with transportation for the entire trip, but suggested this park at sunset.  Although it was not a location I had planned for, it was a great visit when the opportunity presented itself.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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