RIP Scott Weiland

RIP Scott Weiland

RIP Scott Weiland (source:

Scott Weiland (source:

RIP Scott Weiland.  In the end, I suppose it was a miracle he made it to 48 years.  After a life blessed with incredible talent and cursed by unstoppable drug use, it is time to reminisce.

Like many people, I was suspicious of Stone Temple Pilots when they released their debut album, Core.  They seemed too commercial, too accessible, and a non-authentic take on the alternative scene from the early 90s.

They were also a little glam, a little cheesy, and not a perfect fit for the rest of the dominant rock scene at the time.  Yet, they plowed ahead, and I appreciated their commitment to sticking with what they were good at.

Over time, especially with the release of their second album, Purple, I grew to respect the band.  Scott Weiland brought the band’s work together with an underrated and rangy voice.  His vocals were some of the best of the generation in my opinion.

I suppose in time we will find out what killed Scott Weiland, whether it be substance abuse at the time, or a heart weakened over decades of that abuse.  I am just glad we got to hear him sing.  It is sad we only seem to appreciate things when they are gone.

I never cared for Scott Weiland’s solo work or his time in Velvet Revolver.  But, there was an important moment in time where he could sing the hell out of an emotional song like nobody else.  I want to close briefly with the 3 most powerful Stone Temple Pilots tracks that come to mind.  I must say, these songs stand the test of time.  And I think Scott Weiland will as well.


Kitchenware and Candybars (From The Purple Album)

The Big Empty (From The Crow Soundtrack)

Atlanta (From the # 4 Album)

Stone Temple Pilots have also posted this song without the overdubs, and it is also an excellent listen.

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