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My Favorite Photographs of 2012

Here are my favorite photographs of 2012, 12 images selected from the year.  These images include local San Diego, locations in Utah monuments, Washington parks, and of course, Joshua Tree.

Swept – Waves come in at Windansea Beach in San Diego. One of an infinite number of rock formations along the beach.
BE8 – The House on Fire cliff dwelling in Bears Ears National Monument, during a beautiful winter day in Utah.
Second Wave
Second Wave – Interpretation of the beautiful Second Wave formation in Arizona’s Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.
SD34 – View of greater San Diego before sunrise from Point Loma.
Bird Rock Clearing Storm
Bird Rock Clearing Storm – A beautiful sunset South of La Jolla. I broke a bone falling before I made took this photograph. I finished up the shoot, then went to the hospital for X-rays.
Solar Eclipse Sunset
Solar Eclipse Sunset – The sun sets over a hill in East San Diego County, partially eclipsed by the moon during the 2012 partial solar eclipse.
SC34 – A gull’s flight over the Ross Rock (Birdshit Rock) formation in San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.
Clearing The Cascades
Clearing The Cascades – A storm passes over the moutains of Washington’s North Cascades Range.
NC22 – Pines shrouded in fog in North Cascades National Park.
NC23 – Fantastic view of Ross Lake lit by a Full Moon in Washington’s North Cascades National Park.
Moon Dog
Moon Dog – A beautiful halo around the moon during Christmas evening in Joshua Tree National Park.
The Sphinx At Sunrise
The Sphinx At Sunrise – Beautiful rock formation at sunrise in the Jumbo Rocks region of Joshua Tree National Park.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite photographs of 2012. Thanks for viewing and reading!

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