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My Favorite Photographs of 2010

In this post, I wanted to collect my favorite images from 2010. I have made 12 selections of my favorite photographs from the past year.

This included an amazing Winter trip with friend Jeremy Long to Southern Utah, and a Fall trip with friend James Arriola to the Virginias. Without further ado, below are the images I wanted to share.

New Year's Day 2010
New Year’s Day 2010 – one of the best sunsets I have ever seen in San Diego, taken on the first day of the year.  This isn’t just one of my favorite photographs of 2010, this was one of my favorite moments to experience ever in San Diego.
Mesa and Washer Woman Arches
Mesa and Washer Woman Arches – perhaps the most photographed Arch in the world, taken at a time that everybody else photographs it.  I tried to show the Winter sunrise and capture more detail of the surrounding topography than others do.
False Kiva, Winter
False Kiva, Winter – a Fremont Culture-era pithouse in an alcove in Canyonlands National Park.
Landscape Arch Sunrise
Landscape Arch – one of the most famous arch formation in beautiful sunrise Winter light.
Goblin Valley Winter Evening
Goblin Valley Winter Evening – a very cold run into Goblin Valley State Park.  I think at the time there was 1 Park Ranger and us 2 visitors in the entire place.  More beautiful light.
GSE14 – the Devils Garden in Grand Staircase-Escalante State Park has so many amazing rock formations, and these three goblins were amazing.
Windstone Revisited
Windstone Revisited – David Muench made this formation in Valley of Fire State Park famous, and deservedly so.  One of the most unique arches I have ever seen.  Thanks David!
South River Falls Shenandoah
South River Falls Shenandoah – Shenandoah National Park is all about waterfalls, and there are so many.
Dark Hollow Falls Channel Shenandoah
Dark Hollow Falls Channel Shenandoah – another favorite, this narrow channel was beautiful.
NRG12 – Sandstone Falls is a small set of cascades in New River Gorge National Park.  I loved the spray and mist from the Falls, and in the Autum, the Fall Color was starting to look fantastic.
JT Cholla Sunrise
JT Cholla Sunrise – Joshua Tree National Park’s Cholla Garden is a great place when I am not getting my hand stuck on the cholla.  This was a beautiful sunrise in the overlooked Southern region of the park.
JT17 – any time that Joshua Tree National Park has storm clouds blowing through is a great day.

Thank you for looking at my Favorite Photographs of 2010.  I hope you enjoyed the images.

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