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June 2023 Photo of the Month: KY315

My June 2023 Photo of the Month is KY315, taken at Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky.

KY315 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2023 at Corbin, Kentucky

KY315 Background

I spent a few weeks back East while on a nice workcation, cashing in ancient and ageless Southwest Rewards Points and being hosted by several friends (shout outs to :  Vince, Danielle, Vianney, Michael, Matt, and Tim).

As always, I worked and sought out a lot of new places, with not enough time to see everything and a lot of longing to go back.  I chronicled part of this trip from my May 2023 Photo of the Month, but the trip bled into June before I had to be back for friend Tyler’s wedding in Carlsbad.

KY315 came from the morning of the day I was flying back to San Diego, and with a little time, friend Tim and I took a quick trip off the Interstate to Cumberland Falls State Park.  The waterfall is nice, albeit a little obscured from the main viewpoint.  Without much time to hike either side of the Cumberland River, that would have to do until I could come back.  This also happened to be opening day for rafting on the Cumberland River, and I soon found the rafts to be nice subjects in front of the waterfall.  In this image, you don’t see the fall at all, except for the rainbow from the sun to our back and the spray providing water for refraction.  I made a number of images of all the rafts on the water, and some even dared row very close to the falls.  I imagine they got very wet, and on a hot Kentucky day, it probably felt great.

This is also sandstone country.  In fact, remove the trees, and the arches and alcoves don’t look too different from Southern Utah.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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