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June 2021 Photo of the Month: SNT89

My June 2021 Photo of the Month is SNT89, an image created over the San Diego River in Santee, California.

SNT89 – A beautiful afternoon in Santee, California over the San Diego River

SNT89 Background

This should be a pretty familiar spot if you read this blog, but still one of my favorites.  This is along a pedestrian bridge over the San Diego River.  Despite being the principal river course in San Diego County, it can be challenging to find good spots to photograph it.

This section is a wetland located in Santee, and the river here has a couple courses and small islets.  This is the view East, with beautiful afternoon clouds.  There is just a wisp of a vertical cloud formation, bringing to mind the dearth of monsoonal action in Southern California the last few years.

I also got to enjoy this little hike with my kid, who has gotten more interested in the outdoors.  She took a couple cell phone photos of me high on the bridge, telling me not to fall in the river.  I wanted to get over the lower reeds, so climbing a little up the railing was what was needed.  She looked through my gear, cleaned my lens for me, and even carried my heavy tripod back to the car.  I would say my little helper earned an extra dessert.

There are many times I don’t feel like returning to a spot I have been to many times.  But every moment is unique, scenes change, and the return trips bring a sense of the familiar with the change to change it up.

As always, thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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7 thoughts on “June 2021 Photo of the Month: SNT89”

  1. I love the reflection of the low white cloud in the water.
    Wait a minute. Is it just me or does that cloud look like a chicken.


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