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February 2023 Photo of the Month: SC188

My February 2023 Photo of the Month is SC188, a photograph taken at the end of a beautiful sunset at San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

SC188 is a photograph by T.M. Schultze taken 2023 at San Diego, California

SC188 Background

February, prior to the return to Daylight Saving Time, finally gave me a chance to get out after the work day was done and before dusk appeared.

I haven’t photographed a lot of coastal sunsets the last few years, for many reasons, but I felt like getting back to an old stomping ground at Sunset Cliffs.  Here, I set up above No Surf Beach.  There’s less room here than in the past due to ongoing erosion of the cliffsides.  That geologic process continues.

What I didn’t expect was a pretty dramatic sunset – my weather and Skyfire apps predicted decent light but nothing extraordinary.  Sometimes, it pays to visit even if you are not guaranteed any magic.  Sometimes, you see something you didn’t expect.

I shot an entire series of images as the sun set, the glow began and built to a crescendo, and what you see here from last light.  I chose this particular image due to the dramatic contrast between fire-ridden horizon light and very moody clouds at dusk.

Thanks to the excellent noise-cancellation in my AirPods, I was also able to limit some of the very loud tourists sitting behind me as I was behind my tripod.  This is coming from the view of an introvert, I know, but it is so difficult to understand why people wish to go to a scenic, public, place and yell and scream so much.  Can’t we just enjoy a moment with a little peace?

As always, thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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