Sunrise Victory by T.M. Schultze

February 2015 Photo Of The Month

My February 2015 Photo Of The Month is Sunrise Victory, a sunrise photograph made in Joshua Tree National Park.

Sunrise Victory by T.M. Schultze

Sunrise Victory by T.M. Schultze


This was a very strong photographic month.  I made a number of images that I will cherish for years.  Some of the images were from Iron Mountain in Poway, several trips in Joshua Tree National Park, and La Jolla Cove.

I left my house at 2 AM Saturday morning to get set up for this image.  Using the SkyFire App, I knew the clouds would be perfect in the Southeast section of the park.  Because I had made a number of images in the Cholla Garden, I wanted to try another area.

This photograph is taken from Turkey Flats near the Pinto Basin.   Pinto Mountain is in the background.  The cloud formation was dramatic, beautiful, and unique.  I imagined a person stretching their arms as they woke up in the morning, perhaps as the sun came up like the image before you.  I also thought of the feeling of victory, and the clouds are indeed in the shape of a “V.”

I am happy to share this photograph as my February Photo Of The Month.

T.M. Schultze is a San Diego-based photographer, traveller, and writer. He writes, photographs, and draws things of the outdoors that have inspired humans for thousands of years. He co-authored the Photographer’s Guide to Joshua Tree Park which can be purchased here.

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