February 2014 Photo Of The Month: Sunset Middle Horizon

My February 2014 Photo Of The Month is Sunset Middle Horizon, an image created at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park in San Diego, California.

Sunset Middle Horizon by T.M. Schultze

Sunset Middle Horizon by T.M. Schultze


I was not as active in February with my camera. I did photograph the Yuma “Bridge To Nowhere” which is an old remnant of the original U.S. Route 95. The evening of February 22 was certainly beautiful along the coast, and I have long enjoyed visiting Sunset Cliffs. I have made more images of Ross Rock than I can count, but each day I am there, something is different.

Keeping your horizon out of the center image is considered dogma in photography, yet I enjoy breaking the rule on occasion. It could be said that Ross Rock’s position in the center bottom is also a break of the “Rule of Thirds.” Indeed, I made some more traditionally composed images that evening, yet for some reason I find this composition more satisfying. Sometimes, it really is okay to break the rules.

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