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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising sucks
Seriously, just buy this book!

Recently, I co-authored the Photographers Guide To Joshua Tree Natuonal Park with my long-time friend and colleague, Jeremy Long.  We decided to use Facebook Advertising to make sales.

One of the challenges in our first experience with self-publishing is simply letting the world know our book exists.

Jeremy and I both have Facebook Pages for our photography. This would be a great start, if not for Facebook’s notorious algorithm. Facebook architects the Pages in a manner that appears to push users to favor Boosting posts, which costs money.

Jeremy and I spent $ 60.00 combined and the results were:

  • 15,000 post views
  • 200 “Likes”
  • 100 “Clicks”
  • 1 Person clicked the purchase link, which may have been one of my friends
  • 0 Purchases of our Book

For that money, we essentially got views and Likes, none of which actually succeeded in selling our offering.

Jeremy and I both took care to target our audience.  I targeted people from mid-20s to late 50s with an interest in Joshua Tree, photography, California, and San Diego (since that is where I live).  Jeremy expanded his audience to people with photographic interest from Europe, since Joshua Tree gets a lot of tourists from across the pond.

Is it possible out ads were subpar?  I suspect they were okay, judging by a lot of similar sponsored content I see on Facebook.

I have no issue with advertising and do not begrudge Facebook the right to sell advertising.  With a reach past 1 billion users, the possibilities to reach a huge audience are incredible.

I do question the value of Facebook advertising though.  Large corporations and organizations can still reach a vast audience with such low rates of Likes, Clicks, etc.  Small businesses don’t seem to have the same ability because of the dreaded Facebook algorithm.

Our next stop is a few buys with Google Adwords, and I look forward to posting the results.

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