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Ending January With A Clearing Storm In Santee

Driving back last night from Phoenix, I knew a quick storm was blowing in. I made it over the mountains in East San Diego County before the rain set in. Today was very rainy, but this storm was also particularly windy. I saw many a tree flexing in the wind, and I wondered how many gusts it would take for the tree to finally break.

2016 - DSC_2991 Clearing storm in santee
Oh no, my rainbow is gone!
2016 - DSC_3073
Great late light over Mission Trails and Lake 2
2016 - DSC_3100
That was all she wrote. A little nice light right at sunset, but the clouds were too low to light up after 15 minutes.

While I hunkered down at home for most of the day, some light came out through the clouds in the late afternoon, so I grabbed my SLR and headed over to Santee Lakes.  There was a rainbow to the East that could be briefly seen.  By the time I made it over to the West side of the Mast Blvd bridge, the rainbow was gone for good.

The rain came and went, but I have waterproof boots and a jacket.  Before sunset, the moments where the light came through were the best, and I took a couple views of the mountains of Mission Trails.

We didn’t get great sunset light, but a couple of the moments were quite nice.  This was a quick clearing storm in Santee, and I bet there were a number of people throughout the County who were able to make even better images.

We likely have more opportunities coming up with the El Nino season still in gear, and it really is time to plan for what might be our first good Spring wildflower season in several years.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy a little of this clearing storm in Santee!

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