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Building Impressions

Building Impressions

Santa Ana winds bring to San Diego heat and a lack of clouds. The onshore flow is pushed deep into the Pacific. This is normally the time to put the camera away, but I have rather enjoyed making impressionistic images in this weather.

My Impressions

The technique is simple enough. Set your camera exposure and then pan across the horizon. From there, a level of complexity and subtlety is needed. How does one frame the image? Where do you set the horizon? How far and how quickly do you pan?

To me, “making streaks” is simply not enough.  There needs to be a little shape and structure.  This can prove to be challenging to hit the right note.  I ask myself, how long am I looking at this image?  Am I studying it?  Am I noticing minor features?  What does it make me think of?  If I can get through this thought process and still keep my eyes on the image, I have something to share.

I have made these images before (see this link).  Some of my favorites came from the beginning of the day, but I also enjoyed making these images at dusk in the evening too.

As always, thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images.

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