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Each month, I select a Photo of the Month for an image I made.  These usually cover landscape photographs in the United States.

This project helps with my portfolio in a couple ways.  From images I made in the past, it is a great exercise to look back in my old catalog to identify photographs that would be suitable additions to my portfolio.

For planning, having to create a Photo of the Month each month pushes me to think ahead on locations, times, and weather that would set up a photograph I would be happy with.  Expanded from there, it gives me the framework to plan out an entire year of photography and beyond.

Occasionally, there are some surprises, and I select an image from a time or location I wasn’t expecting.  Those are good days in the life of a landscape photographer.

I would like to thank my good friend Alexander S. Kunz for the idea to create a Photo of the Month each month.