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Troop 8 Yucaipa

Troop 8 was a Boy Scout Troop that existed from 1951 to 2015, being a part of Grayback Council and California Inland Empire Council.

It appears that for the Troop’s entire history, it was chartered by the Yucaipa Valley Lions Club.

The Troop’s first Eagle Scout was Tom Hayden, who attained his rank in 1965. Since then, several dozen others have joined the ranks of Eagle Scout.

The Troop was a mainstay at Pop Nye Memorial Camporees, with winning Patrols at least 3 different times (Best Patrol, Venture Patrol 2x).

The Troop visited Philmont Scout Ranch on several treks.

Troop 8 has also been a mainstay in the Order of the Arrow, with leadership with multiple Lodge Chiefs and Lodge Advisers in both A-tsa and Cahuilla. In addition, many have been Chapter Chiefs and top ceremonialists.

With the decline of Scouting membership and the emergence of Yucaipa as a top sports community, the Troop was last chartered in 2015. It is the goal of this page to document the names, stories, and history of the Troop.

Were you a member of the Troop? Please Contact Me so we can include your stories in the Troop’s history.

December 1965: Immediate Past Scoutmaster Sam Duran, Current Scoutmaster Gene Irgang, Eagle Scout Thomas Hayden, and Second Immediate Past Scoutmaster Gus McGuckian
Tom Hayden, First Eagle Scout of Troop 8.

Troop Location: Yucaipa, California
Years In Existence: 1951 – 2015
Sponsored by the Yucaipa Valley Lions Club.

News Articles on Troop 8

Incomplete Eagle Scout List

  1. Anthony Avey (Need Year)
  2. Robert Bennett (2003)
  3. Brian Carlson (2001)
  4. Greg Cranmer (1989)
  5. James Crooks (1990)
  6. Richard Cross (Need Year)
  7. Rakesh Dewan (Need Year)
  8. Ruben Dewan (1992)
  9. Ryan English (2002)
  10. Nick Fonzi (Need Year)
  11. Dominic Grisafe (2008)
  12. Mike Hanson (2002)
  13. Asher (Davey) Hartel (Need Year)
  14. Tom Hayden (1965)
  15. Tim Joyce (2003)
  16. Cameron Kinnear (2008)
  17. David Kushner (Need Year)
  18. Robert Lawrence (2001)
  19. Phillip Miller (Need Year)
  20. Stephen Miller (Need Year)
  21. Justin Nuber (2003)
  22. Sean Macgavin (Need Year)
  23. Paul Quinn (1991)
  24. Scott Riley (Need Year)
  25. Steven Schultze (1994)
  26. Tracy Schultze (1992)
  27. Wayne Thatcher (Need Year)
  28. Carey Tiewater (Need Year)
  29. Ben Tilson (2003)
  30. Justin Tyrrell (Need Year)
  31. Brian Van Hook (Need Year)
  32. Donald Van Hook (Need Year)
  33. James Worley (Need Year)
  34. Tom Worley (Need Year)

Incomplete Scoutmaster List

Please note I have attempted to list these in order but they may not be fully chronological.

  • Mr. McGuckian
  • Sam Duran
  • Richard Irgang
  • Mr. Preston
  • Dale Worley
  • Rick Clark
  • Tom Riley
  • Lester Kushner
  • Brian Macgavin
  • Richard Covington
  • Kevin Toller

Incomplete Summer Camp Info

  • 1987:  Camp Levi Levi
  • 1988:  Camp Levi Levi
  • 1989:  Camp Levi Levi
  • 1990:  Camp Holcomb Valley and Philmont
  • 1993:  Camp Tahquitz
  • 2011:  Camp Emerson
Yucaipa Troop 8 at Philmont, 1990
Yucaipa Troop 8 at Philmont, 1990
Troop 8 Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree, 2014
Troop 8 Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree, 2014

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