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Camp Helendade Archive

Camp Helendade began it’s life as Camp Running Springs. The land was donated to the Arrowhead Area Council by Helen and Dade Davis after AAC chose not to renew their lease with the USFS after a fire burned property and structures at Camp Arataba in 1960.

The Firebird was an apt logo for the camp, rising from Arataba’s ashes. Unfortunately, Camp Helendade would suffer a similar fate in the 2007 Slide Fire. Structures and property were burned, and some additional structures were lost after fire suppression efforts.

While the camp wasn’t destroyed, the sheer amount of destruction and cost to rebuild to it’s previous state were too much.  Camp Helendade remained closed for most of the next 10 years and has recently been sold.

Camp Emerson was always my first camp, but I greatly enjoyed my times at Camp Helendade and hope to publish a lot of material from over the years here.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude in particular to Joe Rosenthal, 1959 – 1960 Wisumahi Lodge Chief and one of the key Scouts who helped with the transition from Camp Arataba to Camp Running Springs.

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