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Bankhead Springs Hotel

Bankhead Springs Hotel by T.M. Schultze
Bankhead Springs Hotel by T.M. Schultze

Photographed: 2016

Location: Bankhead Springs, California

Bankhead Springs, named for the historic Bankhead Highway, was essentially a suburb of Jacumba Hot Springs, at the Southernmost stretch of Old Highway 80 in California. The most notable landmark was the Bankhead Springs Hotel, shown here in modern times as a private residence. It would be lovely to someday be able to do a tour of the old hotel and take some interior photographs.

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  1. We accidentally stopped in there in 2010, driving from San Diego to Prescott in a storm and missed the last bathroom stop on the hill. There was a vietnam vet living in the hotel making ceramic pieces and my Mom bought a raku pot as a thank you for letting us use the bathroom. It was a curio shop of sorts then. Had no idea it was a hotel at one time but definitely left an impression I have never forgotten. Still have the pot.


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