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Super Bowl Pizza

It was the mid 00’s and I found myself home for Super Bowl Sunday. My roommate was also home. We decided to order pizza for the game. I liked football, but I liked pizza more.

I also wanted leftovers – I told my roommate to order a bunch. So he went on his computer and ordered 4 large pepperoni pizzas.

The pizza never showed up.

We expected a delay due to it being Super Bowl Sunday, but as the first quarter drew to a close, I told him this was a really big problem. My cherished pizza was not before me.

So my roommate did what most people would do when their order didn’t arrive. He called and complained. The situation grew worse – the pizza place insisted they did not have his order. I think my roommate even asked to speak to a manager. They realized this household was upset, and for customer satisfaction, asked what we ordered and sent it over gratis.

The pizza arrived around halftime, and it only cost us the tip. I would have rather just had the order before the game started, but no worry, it was time to wolf down the pizza.

I don’t remember exactly who was playing, and who won the game, but I remember one thing in particular.

A couple hours after the game, while we still had a couple boxes of leftovers, a former co-worker of my roommate called. He told him, “Man, you will never guess what happened at work today. A Domino’s delivery driver showed up with a bunch of pizza we didn’t order, and he had no idea what to do with the pizza, so he just gave it to us.”

Because of the wonders of technology, we all got free pizza for Super Bowl Sunday.

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