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This page is a placeholder for a domain co-owned by my friend Shawn Kasner and I in the early days of the internet.  The name was derived from a song called Climbatize we both loved from The Prodigy.  At the time, that domain name was already name, so the close-spelling is what we went with.

While we didn’t do much productive with the site, I remember the subdomain for me had a resume I used to get my current job back in January 1999.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, we forgot to pay for the domain and another person snatched it up.  The domain currently serves advertising traffic and doesn’t seem to be doing much else.  In some discourse with the domain holder, they have responded with increasing monetary demands to transfer the domain, so it is not likely we will have it in the future.

I would close by including an embed of the beloved song.  Peace.

This domain is now for sale online for the hilarious price of $ 149,500.00. I don’t see that domain being sold, ever.

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