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Artist Friends

Artist Friends

Artist Friends of mine.  I put up this page to promote my friends and family who make art a major part of their lives.

Jeannie House
Jeannie House

Jeannie House


My Grandmother, Jeannie House, is one of my biggest artist inspirations.  Her work includes landscapes, still-lifes, flowers, and people.

Tauni Fessler


Tauni went to school with me in Yucaipa, California.  Her painting work has an animated quality and includes a variety of natural subjects in brilliant, vibrant colors.  She does her work in a variety of mediums, from acrylics and oils on canvas, pastels, pencils, and ink.

Joshua J. Hunt


I have known Josh for a long time through our association in the Scouting program, however, we both have a number of outside artistic pursuits.  Josh works in color spaces, excellent pencil drawing, and a number of awesome artistic projects.

Kevin Dean McFarland


Longtime friend from New York.  He does photography, sculpture, and design.

Vince Alvendia


Vin and I are long-time co-workers in the IT industry, so naturally we are more interested in discussing our art work.  Vinny is a long-time animation and anime fan, and his work varies from pencils to his full-color Tako Salad comic.  Although, being that I don’t understand much of the anime and science fiction industry, I don’t always get all of the jokes!

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