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As of May 2020, I will be celebrating 30 years as a member of the Order of the Arrow.  The first 20 years were in Cahuilla Lodge and 10 additional years have been spent in Tiwahe Lodge. I have had the great fortune to serve in a variety of leadership capacities as both a youth … Read more

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ArrowCorps5 Manti-La Sal Archive

T.M. SchultzeT.M. Schultze is a San Diego-based photographer, traveller, and writer. He writes, photographs, and draws things of the outdoors that have inspired humans for thousands of years. He co-authored the Photographer’s Guide to Joshua Tree Park which can be purchased here. tmschultze.com

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Photography’s Role In Developing OA History

Ribbon Cutting to open the 2015 NOAC GEO Museum by T.M. Schultze

Photography’s Role In Developing OA History Using photography to develop a local OA history is important.  Images are a well-known resource and an under-appreciated asset.  The written record provides the core facts and information about a Lodge’s history.  Supplementing that record with a photographic record provides perspective and presence. There should be two separate goals to … Read more