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Pricing Isn’t Everything

I know it must be frustrating to not get a straight answer. But every wedding and event is unique, with it’s own unique needs and requirements. Look at it this way. Every wedding is a custom-built event, so when I put together a wedding package, it is made especially for you. Nothing boilerplate, or commoditized, but a full proposal based on your needs for your wedding. No request should be overlooked, and I want to suit every photographic need you have. If budget is an issue, let’s discuss it. And just remember, photography is not the place to save money on your wedding. Buy fewer flowers, but make sure you are getting the best imagery possible.

You can always find a “cheap” photographer. If you are looking for a proposal simply based on price, I guarantee somebody will be less expensive. What you may not get is the memorable, quality images that you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. I do offer a very competitive price, that is less expensive that many full-time wedding photographers. But my goal is to bring incredible images for you to enjoy, not deliver the biggest bargain.

Some Things To Consider

Would you like engagement images?

Where is your event located?

When should I arrive to capture the pre-wedding? What is the schedule for the wedding? How long does your wedding reception last? Keep in mind that I will stay with you through the entire event, but the number of hours I will be serving you will play a role in how your event is proposed.

How large is the event? How many people are included in the wedding party? Do you think having a second photographer will allow for additional great images?

Let’s Start A Discussion

Please call me (909-693-9404) or email me (tm@tmschultze.com) and we can start a good discussion to find a wedding package that best suits your needs. Let’s work together and make this an unforgettable experience.

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