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US Highway 80’s Western terminus was in San Diego, California, although the route changed several times over the years.  At one time, it began at Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma (which was signed California State Highway 209 until being relinquished to the City of San Diego) and at other times, it terminated at Pacific Highway (known as US Highway 101).  This route followed Washington Street and Normal Street, before following an Eastern route along El Cajon Boulevard.

The Boulevard by T.M. Tracy Schultze

The Boulevard

El Cajon Blvd “The Boulevard”

La Mesa Blvd.

The Section of Highway 80 through Grossmont was removed when Interstate 8 and California State Highway 125 were built.  They now exist as a huge freeway interchange.  Past Grossmont, Highway 80 picks up again, not surprisingly, as El Cajon Boulevard.  Prior to the building of the Interstate Highway, the Boulevard continued uninterrupted.

Broken Segment (Lake Jennings Road and Interstate 8 interchange):

Broken Segment (Dunbar Lane and Interstate 8 interchange):

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