Old Highway 80 – A Visual History in California to Arizona

DSC_8910 the-boulevard-evening millers_garage


Route 66 was known as the Main Street of America, but US Highway 80 was known as the Broadway of America, stretching from San Diego to Washington DC. I became interested in the highway because I grew up fascinated with maps, street and city layouts, and how those things changed over time. It helped that much of the original US Highway 80 in California is still intact, and closely borders Interstate 8.

As I covered San Diego County in search of images waiting to be made, it was hard to ignore Old Highway 80. As I began travelling the surviving sections, I soon found there was a lot to be discovered.

What I present to you here is my continuing photography project making images along the highway celebrating its existence from 1926 to 1964, as well as its continued existence as a piece of California travel history.

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