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Vertical is a Portfolio Gallery that aims to look up rather than see across. Humans have this fundamental paradox in their view of the world. Humans are upright and vertical beings. Yet, their eyes are horizontal. This creates a conflict in how we perceive the world. Furthering this conflict is that our cameras are built to be used in landscape orientation. It is not innate for a person to tilt their camera 90 degrees to view a scene differently. Our computer monitors are usually horizontal. It is a misnomer to call these “portrait-oriented” images, as if this view is only appropriate making a portrait.

Changing the way we view a scene, to view it vertically, can vastly change a scene. Our sense of scale is much different. Tall objects shown to be even taller. The sky can be endless. The world just looks different.

Just like people have right or left-handedness, most people quickly adopt muscle memory for landscape-oriented images. By making your visualization ambidextrous, you can create something more powerful if the scene calls for it. Do it enough, and making images both horizontally and vertically will come naturally to you.

These images are a celebration of the vertical. Items that are tall, statuesque, or reach for the sky. Taking a moment to study each image and contemplate its vertical strength is time well spent.

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