Rock Art

About My Rock Art Image Collection

I learned to appreciate Rock Art from my good friend, James Arriola.  While traveling throughout the Southwest, we encountered a vast number of sites.  These included both petroglyphs and pictographs.

Rock Art is under constant threat.  Many sites have extensive graffiti, and uneducated people do not fully understand the difference between their scrawls and the carefully crafted work of the past.

As the Desert Southwest continues to grow, these threats to our natural and historic wonders become over more a danger.  Rock art is beautiful, fragile, historic, and needs constant care and vigilance.  Many of these wonders have been around for hundreds or thousands of years.  A careless person can undo this preservation in seconds.

I am generally free with revealing most of my photography locations to people who inquire, I do not reveal rock art locations to anybody but extreme enthusiasts and stewards who I trust.

Almost all of my work comes from the Southwest United States, but this is a universal human art that is found on all six habitable continents.  Let’s take a moment to pause, reflect, and leave these sites as they are.

If you are interested in learning more about rock art, you might consider joining the American Rock Art Research Association.  I would also recommend Larry Forsyth’s mind-blowing collection of rock art images at his website.