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Laguna Mountains

The Laguna Mountains are San Diego’s most well-known range. It is part of a larger block massif that extends far into Baja California and define much of the transition from chaparral/pine forest to the hot and lower Colorado/Yuha desert.

Sunrise Highway traverses most of this range, providing access to beautiful and breathtaking overlooks. The pine forest zone dominates between 5,000 and 6,000 feet.

The Lagunas are still threatened. Fire has decimated large parts of the pine forest, some of the lost trees were 150 years old. Invasive grasses from foot traffic and ranching threaten many endemic plants in the area. Visit on a weekend when snow has fallen, and you will wonder how this place can stay rural and quiet.

Yet, the Lagunas are at their best in the quieter months. The people who come up here generally look to preserve and protect. These mountains are special, and for those of us who live in San Diego County, these mountains are our own. I hope to show just a little of the beauty that is innate in the Lagunas in this Portfolio Gallery.

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