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Anza Borrego

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, one of the largest in the entire United States, is one of the treasures of San Diego County. The park is famous for it’s mountains at Laguna Crest down to the vast Borrego Desert.

Arid just about year-round, the unique ecosystem can become a beautiful pallet of amazing wildflowers during good rain seasons. This is when visitor traffic builds, and the tourist season in March can result in multi-mile traffic backups on S-22. But Anza Borrego is so big and vast, it’s easy to avoid the crowds.

The Summers are incredibly hot, but they also can get amazing monsoonal moisture for more fantastic photographs. With good preparation, the park can be enjoyed year-round. This Portfolio Gallery shows just a little of what Anza Borrego has to offer, and I hope everyone gets to enjoy some of its quiet beauty.

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