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September Morning At Hospitals Reef (7 Images)

September Morning At Hospitals Reef

My good friend Alex Kunz and I spent the morning visiting Hospitals Reef in La Jolla.  This is one of the most popular sunset spots in San Diego.

Below is a gallery of images, with more explanation below.  As always, clicking on any of these images will launch the slideshow.

Coming in the morning, with a good layer of marine layer from Southern California’s onshore flow, we did not have traditional light to use.  Long exposures worked very well, varying between 2 and 4 minutes.  This made the waves soft, and blended well with the seascapes.  While the marine layer appeared flat to the human eye, longer exposure times created a darker, moodier scene.

At one point, Alex was in my frame, but I decided to shoot anyway.  Over time, I have become more tolerant of people in my images, sometimes even enhancing the picture.  Alex moved just enough that the image contained a sharp tripod, but a blurry photographer.  He looked ghostly, and I decided to process that image.

We spent an hour or two making these images, then headed into La Jolla for breakfast.  Richard Walker’s Pancake House was already too busy, so we ended up at Cafe Vahik.  They have a 3 egg, 3 bacon, toast, special for $ 6.00.  Not bad.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!


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