Dead Tree in Sunrise Mist by T.M. Schultze

Fog In The San Andreas Rift Valley (4 Images)

Fog In The San Andreas Rift Valley

Leaving Pinnacles National Park, I was driving North to see family.  The way out of the National Park is on California Highway 25 which runs through the San Andreas Rift Valley.  Morning fog was clearing and I stopped in several spots to make the images in the gallery below.

Fog is not uncommon this time of year.  It often fills the various canyons and valleys in the Coast Range region.  By the time I had left Pinnacles, must of the fog and mist was lifting, so I had to work very quickly.  Highway 25 does not have an abundance of turnouts, and much of the accessible dirt areas are driveways to private property.

I would like to visit again on a couple more trips to Pinnacles, but dedicate the better part of the morning to the Rift Valley.  That is one of the challenges when making a trip.  There are often “side projects” that can produce equal or superior images to the area you intend to visit.

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