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Old Interstate 105 Historical Association

Preserving the long and illustrious history of Old Interstate 105 is the goal of this very large and very serious Historical Association.

“Our Mission is to teach young people about the Historic Interstate 105 Freeway that has existed for hundreds of months in Southern California.”

Association Goals

  • Add Interstate 105 Shields to the historical route of the highway. That way modern people will know that Interstate 105 once traversed this area.
  • Add cardboard cutouts of people appearing to ride the Metro Rail C Line so actual commuters can feel that their tax dollars were less wasted.
  • Paint the incomplete Norwalk-area route from Interstate 605 to Interstate 5 in invisible ink that glows at night. We can leverage Los Angeles County’s experience with aerial spraying of malathion to accomplish this. The spray should light up in the evening with the phrase, “STUPID NIMBYS“.
  • Battle our eternal nemesis, the Historical Highway 99 Association of California, for historical road supremacy. Our road isn’t under water in places, people!

Pay Your Association Dues Today

Dues in the Old Interstate 105 Historical Association are only $ 500.00 per month, or pay for a year in advance for only $ 5,999.99, and save a penny by paying in advance. Just send the money to this address, where it will be spent for personal use only and not for anything to improve the association of this extremely old and historic highway.

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