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Technology has always existed in some form since the dawn of civilization.  For instance, the methods by wish the Egyptian pyramids were carefully measured and laid down required advanced technology for its time.

In a modern, computer-driven sense, my experience with modern technology began in 1997 when I got my first computer while I was a student at San Diego State University.  Within months, I had a Geocities web page and began to “view source” and learn HTML by hand.

By 1999, I was working in sales for a computer systems integrator and reseller.  So I was now consuming technology as well as selling it (I still am, as a matter of fact).

My philosophy with technology is to use products that make you forget the technology underneath it.  This is why I gravitated towards using Apple MacOS and iOS products.  I have friends who root their Android devices and install custom roms, but that just isn’t my interest.

It is also why I have gravitated towards doing all my web development on WordPress.  People tell me time and again that they don’t use it because “they want control of their html,” but I find that argument to be lazy.  WordPress can be incredibly complex when you start working with child themes, custom templates, and leveraging the power of plugins.

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