Perhaps My Last Christmas Trip To Joshua Tree National Park

Yep, People Get Their Cars Stuck Parking Like This (Taken Christmas Eve)

Yep, People Get Their Cars Stuck Parking Like This.  Do Not Do This. (Taken Christmas Eve)

As many of my friends know, I have been visiting Joshua Tree National Park every Christmas for a long time.  2018 was my 13th consecutive year celebrating the Holiday in the park.  Things sure have changed. Continue reading

Ten Albums That Made An Impact

A couple friends recently made posts about the 10 albums that affected them. See Alex’s list at this linkSee my friend Jeff’s post here.  This was great for a couple reasons. I am also nostalgic about the music I have listened to over the years, especially with an overflowing rack of CDs. The second was also to remind people that Facebook sucks and they will vacuum up the data from your personal posts and build more data on you. In addition, as Alex said, #SayNoToWalledGardens. Continue reading