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Guys Named Tracy

The name Tracy began as a person from the area of Tracy-Bocage, Normandy, France.  Over time, the name has evolved and is primarily a name for a female.  It never fails when I am at the bank or handing over a credit card that I get the, “Are you Mr. Schultze?” followed by the “Oh, sorry, that is a name for a guy or a girl.”  Well, not according to you, Bank Teller/Cashier person.

Because having this name is often a pain in the ass, I thought I would go to the trouble of compiling the World’s Most Exhaustive Collection Of Guys Named Tracy (not verified – nobody cares anyway).

The List

  • Trace Adkins (Musician – country, tries to obscure his name like me)
  • Tracey Katelnikoff (Hockey Player)
  • Tracey Walter (Actor)
  • Tracy Byrd (Musician – country)
  • Tracy Curry (Musician – rap, known as The D.O.C.)
  • Tracy Ferrie (Musician)
  • Tracy Hickman (Writer)
  • Tracy Hines (Auto Racing Driver)
  • Tracy Huth (Associate Athletics Director for Oakland University)
  • Tracy Jones (MLB player for the Cincinnati Reds)
  • Tracy Kidder (Writer)
  • Tracy Lawrence (Musician – country)
  • Tracy Letts (Writer and Actor)
  • Tracy Marrow (Musician and actor – rap, know as Ice-T)
  • Tracy Mesler (Friend and newspaper publisher)
  • Tracy McGrady (NBA Basketball Player and 2-time scoring champion)
  • Tracy Morgan (Actor and Comedian)
  • Tracy Ringolsby (MLB writer – 2004 J.G. Taylor Spink Award by the BBWA)
  • Tracy Scott (Musician – electronic)
  • Tracy Scroggins (NFL player)
  • Tracy Smothers (Wrestler)
  • Tracy Stallard (MLB player famous for giving up Roger Maris’ 61st home run)
  • Tracy D. Terrell (Writer)
  • Tracy T (Musician – rap)
  • Tracy Torme (Writer and Producer)
  • Tracy Ulrich (Musician – rock, known as Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose)
  • Tracy Upchurch (Mayor, St. Augustine, Florida)
  • Tracy Voorhees (Former Under Secretary of the United States Army)
  • Tracy Woodson (MLB player for the Los Angeles Dodgers)
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