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Guess What, I Was Just Born And I Already Know How To Blog

I was also born to love and blog about Potato Chips

I was also born to love and blog about Potato Chips

That is correct, I was just born.  Directly out of the womb in August 1977, I am a blogger.  Or, I suppose you could say I am backdating this post to see if it works.  Someday in the future, will have evidence this just happened!

At first, it seems silly to create a blog post on the day of my birth.  But in a way, it speaks a little to the online world and how people create a vastly different picture on the internet than they do in real life.  So, creating a backdated post is an exercise in sarcasm and commentary on the way we act with a screen and keyboard.

In my blog, I have wanted to create content about art, photography, travel, and a number of other subjects that interest me.  There is another piece that also wants to chronicle my life, and in doing so, backdate some pieces to capture some of what was on my mind at the time.

In addition, this gives me a chance to indulge my passion in writing.  I have notebooks full of various scribblings I can do something with.  I also have a long list of works written in Word that I can transfer to my website.  In doing so, I can also build some coherence to who I was, who I am, and who I want to be in the future.

This blog then is not meant to be taken literally or on the spot, and you may see more blog posts with dates that seem to predate the internet.  That’s perfectly okay, because I lived without an online life for the first 20 years of my life.  In doing this, I hope I can build something of value to you, the reader.  I appreciate your time, constructive comments, and since it is 1977 and a newborn, maybe a change of diapers………