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Gray Reflecting Moment at Hospitals Reef

September Morning At Hospitals Reef (7 Images)

September Morning At Hospitals Reef

My good friend Alex Kunz and I spent the morning visiting Hospitals Reef in La Jolla.  This is one of the most popular sunset spots in San Diego. Continue reading

Sunset on Cuyamaca Peak

San Diego County 100 Peaks

San Diego County 100 Peaks

Sunset on Cuyamaca Peak - San Diego County 100 Peaks

Sunset on Cuyamaca Peak

Peak List – Peaks I have completed are listed in Bold.  This is the official list from the Sierra Club, and may differ slightly from the list on Peakbaggers.

(Click column header to sort by that column)

Loc # Peak Topo UTM,E UTM,N EL,ft EL CL Land Sta
NE 1 Combs Bucksnort Mtn. 536750 3694890 6193 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 2 Villager Rabbit Peak 572720 3694410 5756 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 3 Collins Bucksnort Mtn. 545810 3694350 4559 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 4 Elder Collins Valley 547670 3694040 3433 BM 3 ABDSP
NE 5 Palms Collins Valley 548000 3693030 3121 BM 3 ABDSP
NE 6 Knob Bucksnort Mtn. 546000 3693020 3431 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 7 Mile High (P5340) Rabbit Peak 575280 3693000 5340 Inter 2 ABDSP
NE 8 Rosa Fonts Point 577440 3691500 5020 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 9 Square Top (P4649)1 Hot Springs Mtn. 545260 3691200 4649 Spot 5 ABDSP
NE 10 Coyote Clark Lake 562530 3689360 3192 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 11 Pyramid (P3500) Fonts Point 578760 3688700 3500 Inter 2 ABDSP
NE 12 Pike Borrego Palm Canyon 547100 3685980 5571 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 13 Palm Mesa (P4660) Borrego Palm Canyon 550000 3685580 4660 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 14 Palm Fonts Point 581430 3685570 2701 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 15 Cody Borrego Palm Canyon 546950 3684930 5587 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 16 Indianhead Borrego Palm Canyon 553110 3683670 3980 Inter 3 ABDSP
NE 17 San Ysidro (P5386) Borrego Palm Canyon 550250 3681300 5386 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 18 Kay Borrego Palm Canyon 552180 3679990 3587 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 19 Ode Borrego Palm Canyon 554230 3679940 1510 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 20 Sirens (P4401) Borrego Palm Canyon 551420 3679820 4401 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 21 San Ysidro Borrego Palm Canyon 546800 3679350 6147 BM 2 Clev NF
NE 22 Thimble Tubb Canyon 546880 3678600 5779 Spot 3 ABDSP
NE 23 Webo Tubb Canyon 550880 3678540 4173 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 24 Goat Tubb Canyon 548840 3678430 4232 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 25 Ted Tubb Canyon 552370 3678320 2369 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 26 White Tubb Canyon 547690 3677270 5326 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 27 Bonny Tubb Canyon 547670 3675430 4574 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 28 Borrego (West Butte) Borrego Mtn. 574260 3672580 1207 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 29 Pinyon Ridge (P4614) Tubb Canyon 550880 3670950 4614 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 30 Wilson Tubb Canyon 552860 3670890 4586 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 31 Borrego (East Butte) Borrego Mtn. 577640 3670220 1196 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 32 Grapevine Earthquake Valley 549830 3664570 3955 BM 1 ABDSP
NE 33 Sentenac Earthquake Valley 552030 3663080 3068 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 34 Sunset Whale Peak 567500 3662680 3658 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 35 North Pinyon (P3660) Earthquake Valley 555050 3661660 3660 Inter 2 ABDSP
NE 36 Vallecito (P3583) Harper Canyon 573860 3658430 3583 Spot 2 BLM
NE 37 Pinyon (P4492) Whale Peak 561600 3657540 4492 Spot 2 ABDSP
NE 38 Granite Earthquake Valley 548660 3656880 5633 BM 2 ABDSP
NE 39 Whale Whale Peak 563940 3654560 5350 BM 2 ABDSP
NW 40 Agua Tibia Vail Lake 501760 3696530 4781 VABM 2 Clev NF
NW 41 Eagle Crag Vail Lake 504140 3694040 5077 Spot 2 Clev NF
NW 42 Palomar Palomar Obs 515300 3691400 6142 BM 1 Clev NF
NW 43 Boucher Hill Palomar Mtn. 507580 3688210 5448 Spot 1 Clev NF
NW 44 Black #1 Mesa Grande 517980 3668840 4045 BM 1 Clev NF
NW 45 Israel Rancho Santa Fe 486750 3659450 1346 Spot 1 BLM
NW 46 Bernardo Escondido 491880 3658150 1150 Spot 1 BLM
NW 47 Gower Ramona 522130 3653250 3110 Inter 1 Clev NF
NW 48 Woodson San Pasqual 502820 3652060 2901 BM 1 SD City
SE 49 Split MtWest (P1690) Harper Canyon 581500 3653560 1690 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 50 Split MtEast (P1690) Borrego Mtn. SE 583920 3651560 1690 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 51 Ghost Earthquake Valley 558040 3651700 3420 Inter 1 ABDSP
SE 52 Roost Monument Peak 547090 3650740 4351 VABM 1 ABDSP
SE 53 Diablo Agua Caliente Springs 570030 3650390 2460 BM(l) 1 ABDSP
SE 54 Middle Cuyamaca Peak 537410 3649000 5883 Spot 1 Cuy SP
SE 55 Stonewall Cuyamaca Peak 54007 3646840 5730 Spot 1 Cuy SP
SE 56 Cuyamaca Cuyamaca Peak 536830 3645260 6512 VABM 1 Cuy SP
SE 57 Garnet Mtn. Monument Peak 548150 3644360 5700 Inter 1 Clev NF
SE 58 Japacha Cuyamaca Peak 537460 3643900 5825 Spot 1 Cuy SP
SE 59 Garnet Peak Monument Peak 550680 3643000 5900 Inter 1 Clev NF
SE 60 Pine Monument Peak 547380 3642140 5660 Inter 1 Clev NF
SE 61 Stage Agua Caliente Springs 566890 3641910 2817 BM 2 BLM
SE 62 Monument Monument Peak 554270 3639310 6271 VABM 1 Clev NF
SE 63 Oakzanita Cuyamaca Peak 541070 3639080 5054 Spot 1 Cuy SP
SE 64 Red Top Agua Caliente Springs 561640 3638540 4467 Spot 2 BLM
SE 65 Sawtooth (P4684) Agua Caliente Springs 560240 3638450 4684 Spot 3 BLM
SE 66 Peak 5243 Cuyamaca Peak 542960 3638325 5243 Spot 1 Cuy SP
SE 67 Manza Mt. Laguna 548790 3636700 5556 BM 1 Clev NF
SE 68 False Sombrero Sombrero Peak 566253 3635766 3463 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 69 Wooded Hill Mt. Laguna 552530 3634700 6223 Spot 1 Clev NF
SE 70 Mine Sweeney Pass 581090 3632780 1850 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 71 Sombrero Sombrero Peak 566400 3632720 4229 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 72 Sheephead Mt. Laguna 550270 3631400 5896 Spot 1 Clev NF
SE 73 Red Hill Sweeney Pass 580827 3628406 1720 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 74 Peak 3339 Sweeney Pass 570375 3627633 3339 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 75 Indian Hill Sweeney Pass 577528 3624541 2240 Spot 3 ABDSP
SE 76 Corte Madera Descanso 538390 3624310 4657 Spot 1 Clev NF
SE 77 Moan Sweeney Pass 576560 3623700 2939 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 78 Piedras Grandes Jacumba 579566 3622672 2601 Spot 2 ABDSP
SE 79 Gasp Jacumba 572710 3622400 3223 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 80 Los Pinos Morena Reservoir 539660 3621740 4809 BM 1 Clev NF
SE 81 Groan Jacumba 574880 3621720 2732 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 82 Puff Jacumba 576790 3621600 2716 BM 2 ABDSP
SE 83 Tule Jacumba 572520 3618260 4649 VABM 1 BLM
SE 84 Jacumba Jacumba 578390 3617890 4516 VABM 1 ABDSP
SE 85 Morena Butte Morena Reservoir 542870 3615010 3919 Spot 1 Clev NF
SW 86 Eagle Tule Springs 527180 3649370 3226 BM 1 Clev NF
SW 87 Black #2 Poway 489190 3649040 1544 BM 1 SD City
SW 88 Iron San Vicente Res 504260 3647830 2696 Spot 1 SD City
SW 89 El Cajon El Cajon Mtn. 516910 3641660 3675 VABM 1 Clev NF
SW 90 Viejas Viejas Mtn. 525720 3635730 4189 VABM 1 Clev NF
SW 91 North Fortuna La Mesa 494400 3634120 1291 Spot 1 MTRP
SW 92 Kwaay Paay (P1194) La Mesa 494940 3632820 1194 Spot 1 MTRP
SW 93 Pyles Peak (P1379) La Mesa 496520 3631470 1379 Spot 1 MTRP
SW 94 Cowles La Mesa 497110 3630340 1593 BM 1 MTRP
SW 95 Bell Bluff Viejas Mtn. 528040 3629670 3409 VABM 1 Clev NF
SW 96 McGinty Alpine 513130 3623620 2183 Spot 1 BLM
SW 97 Gaskill Barrett Lake 52664 3622190 3836 Spot 1 Clev NF
SW 98 Lawson Barrett Lake 525760 3620770 3664 Spot 1 Clev NF
SW 99 Otay Otay Mtn. 514660 3606160 3569 BM 1 BLM
SW 100 Tecate Tecate 529300 3604530 3885 VABM 1 BLM

1Square Top (Point 4649) has an optional class 5 summit block; rope recommended.

San Diego County 100 Peaks Progress

15 out of 100 peaks (02/11/2017)

Memorial Day at Fort Rosecrans (11 Images)

Memorial Day at Fort Rosecrans

Every year I am in town, I visit Fort Rosecrans on the weekend before Memorial Day.  Below is a section of images, followed by more information below the gallery.

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The weather in most of San Diego this weekend was dark and gloomy.  A cloud layer at about 3,500 feet hung above the coast.  Because of this, most of the images I made were monochrome black and whites, which I found to be suitable to the holiday.

Fort Rosecrans hosts thousands of people on Memorial Day, and Cabrillo National Monument is even closed.  Many volunteer groups, including my own Scout Troop, assist with flag planting on the Saturday morning before Memorial Day.  Following those groups in the cemetery is a great way to mark the occasion.

This year, I took some time to look up every Schultze located at Fort Rosecrans.  I don’t have any family with the Schultze name beyond my brother and father.  A couple years ago, I parked near Section V to get the hillside photo looking towards the Coronado Islands in Mexico.  A Phillip Schultze was just off the roadside.  I located all 5 Schultze interrments and thought it was a great way to celebrate my name, even if they are not immediate family.

Nearby, on the way back to my car, I found a Lois Lane.  There is always something interesting at Fort Rosecrans.

Memorial Day at Fort Rosecrans is incredibly popular, as it is with many National Cemeteries.  Coming on Saturday or Sunday afternoon used to be the time to visit, get the images with all of the flags planted, and make great pictures.  That secret is out now.  I was stunned by how busy it was.  I was able to make a lot of images, but there were a lot of people there.

Thank you reading, and I hope you enjoy the images.

Awesome field of California poppies near the summit.

Volcan Mountain Storm Hiking

Volcan Mountain Storm Hiking

My friend Alex Kunz and I decided a storm was the perfect time to get out and make some images.  This time, we picked Volcan Mountain outside of Julian, California.  We hiked in from the fire road to the Five Oaks Trail before reaching the summit.  This is a collection of images from the hike.

As always, clicking on any of the images will launch a slideshow.

While making images in the fog is always a lot of fun, there were other highlights.  The manzanitas looked amazing in the rain, with a beautiful sheen from the precipitation.  It was a unique look.

We also experienced “tree rain.”  For the most part, it wasn’t raining while we were hiking.  However, there was an immense amount of water in the trees, so every time the wind kicked up, rain dropped on us from above.

While the wildflower season is over in the lower elevations, we were pleasantly surprised to find beautiful wildflowers in the 4,000 to 5,200 elevations on Volcan Mountain.  The lupine were huge, if not sparse.  And as luck would have it, Alex wanted to check out a side trail on the top and wondered what the source of the orange was in the distance.  I immediately knew we were looking at California Poppies.  I had no idea they could be found in San Diego County, but it was perfect habitat.  On the wet side of the mountain, on an undisturbed hillside, it reminded me of the poppies that grown on Figureroa Mountain where I had been only weeks before.  This was an excellent treat.

April at Ocean Beach River Channel

April at Ocean Beach River Channel

Here is a collection of images I took in April at the Ocean Beach River Channel.

As always, clicking on any of the images below will launch a slide show.


The Ocean Beach River Channel is where the San Diego River reaches the Pacific Ocean.  There is a bird estuary on the South side of the River.  Robb Field is a convenient location to park.  The estuary is often affected by Dog Beach, especially on weekends.  However, there were a few terns, willets, egrets and ducks to see.

An additional highlight was seeing the beautiful osprey nest in the baseball field in Robb Field.  The nest is huge.  It now hosts a family of Ospreys with some new baby osprey arrivals.  On this night, it was amazing to watch the mother feed the newborns.

On any night, you are likely to see a dozen photographers lined up in the baseball field with their ultra-long lenses getting images.  It is a great sight to see.

California Tower South view, looking East.

Views From The Balboa Park California Tower

Views From The Balboa Park California Tower

My Photo club had an outing at Balboa Park, taking us to the first observation deck in the California Tower, which is connected to the San Diego Museum of Man.  Below is a set of images, with more explanation below.

As always, clicking on any of these images will launch the slideshow.

The California Tower was opened in 1915, but was closed in 1935.  Recent improvements, particularly safety, has allowed guided access to the bottom observation deck.  There are two smaller observation decks above, but those have not been improved with safety features added.  They remain closed to the public, but I don’t think the view is incredibly different.

Tickets can be purchased through the Museum of Man website.  You should arrive early, and there is security that will look at your gear.  We were able to arrange a special “photo tour” provided that we buy out the entire show.  This wasn’t too tough.

One of the challenges we found is that the tops of the buildings in the park are not too attractive.  Piping, duct work, and cabling appears to run on many of the flat-topped buildings.  Compositions were tough.  In addition, much of the shooting was from narrow angles.  My El Prado images were very tight for this reason.

To me, the most enjoyable image was made of the Old Globe through the North lookout.  It was really surprising how close you were to the top.  A hawk nest sits on the top of the Globe facing South.  The nest is not currently active, and it appears that the recent human traffic has sent the hawk elsewhere to live.

The weather was clear and warm.  With the time change, the sun was higher than preferred.  It would be great to come again, with the final 4:20 PM tour timed closer to sunset, perhaps late Fall or early Winter.  Overall, it was enjoyable to hang out with friends and make images from a perspective I’ve never experienced in Balboa Park.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!

Santee Storm Clouds

Santee Storm Clouds

Santee Storm Clouds

Santee Storm Clouds

Santee Storm Clouds

This week, the El Nino weather system has really hit Southern California.  While most people were heading for cover, I knew that there would be small openings of really dramatic weather.

Heading home from the office, I knew I had hit the jackpot.  I was armed with my backup camera body due to my recent camera accident, and I was using my Nikon 20mm 1.8 lens on a crop sensor, so it really was about a 30mm equivalent on a full-frame system.

Lightroom’s recent addition of the panoramic export is excellent, and with less than ideal equipment, this was a great opportunity to use it!

The resulting image was a 28 image panorama that Lightroom had no issue stitching together.  As you can see, the last light as the huge, high, clouds towered over Santee Lakes was amazing.  The yellows on the high clouds got deeper and deeper just after sunset, before the light vanished all at once!  Those are the brief moments that build memories.  As always, it is great to own your own backyard, and have a good, quick, place to go when you are at home and the light sets up perfectly.

This view is from the Mast Blvd bridge look North over Santee Lakes 2 and 3.  The clouds to the South of the bridge were dark and gloomy, which could have been a different but interesting image.  I wanted to chase the light though, and the opening to the North was too much to pass up.

It still amazes me how much people miss the connection between so-called bad weather and the resulting images.  Be safe, but get out there and brave the elements!  your portfolio will thank you.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image!