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Sunkissed Revisited by T.M. Schultze

Sunkissed (Joshua Tree)

Sunkissed Background

Sunkissed, popularized by Michael Fatali, is one of the truly beautiful rock sentinels in Joshua Tree National Park.  Jack Dykinga also produced one of the earliest images of this location.

This area is typically best photographed at sunrise, but depending on the type of image you are making, it can be visited at any time.  I have been visiting this location for years to make images and it is always one of the first spots that comes to mind when I am in Joshua Tree.

My long-time friend and I, Jeremy Long, found this location while we were out scouting for images to take.  It is not easy to locate, but once you know where it is, you’ll never forget.

The rock is picturesque from all angles, including a spot I call The Sphinx, and another composition from Fatali’s portfolio.  What an awesome location to make images!

If you are interested in the specific location of this formation, you can purchase the ebook, The Photographer’s Guide To Joshua Tree National Park, that I co-authored with Jeremy Long by visiting www.jtphotoguide.com.

The ebook is only $ 9.99 and we think it is great value to any photographer visiting Joshua Tree.  The guide is 83 pages includes GPS information and directions so you can get to this location and others throughout the park.  I hope you will check the book out.  We spend years in the field to make the ebook.

Some well-known photographers have started publicizing the location of Sunkissed.  Almost all of them, after Fatali and Dykinga, discovered this location from us and our E-book.  Its worth buying for this location and many other rock temples in the area.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the images!

Garrett's Arch by T.M. Schultze

Garrett’s Arch

Garrett's Arch by T.M. Schultze

Garrett’s Arch by T.M. Schultze

I recently trekked to Garrett’s Arch in Joshua Tree National Park.  Garrett’s Arch is likely the largest arch in Joshua Tree, although another unpublicized arch could give it competition.

Garrett’s Arch is located in the Wonderland of Rocks backcountry.  The trailhead begins at the Wall Street Mill parking lot, proceeding briefly before veering left towards the Wonderland Ranch/Wiley’s Market ruins.  Proceeding behind it, you will pick up the Wonderland Wash and follow it.

At about 0.72 miles, you should reach Jaguar Rock.  This is your first major landmark along the way.  After Jaguar Rock, the wash will enter a valley.  Proceed north.  Keep in mind that the Wonderland Wash will veer North but to the left.  This will take away from your destination.

Find the wash just to the right of Wonderland Wash, and you will pick it up through another canyon.  Keep going until you reach Three Freak Brothers to your right.  This is an easy-to-spot rock formation, and will alert you to the proper time to turn right.  The immediate right requires bouldering.  Keep North to the next turn and you will pick up the side canyon and save some energy.

Immediately, you should spot the Red Obelisk, another beautiful formation in the middle of the canyon.  Once again, the canyon will open up to another valley.  Keep going East, but veer North of the rock formations in the middle of the valley.  After you pass, you will pick up your last canyon.  Keep looking left in that canyon, and you will easily locate the arch.

Keep in the mind that the arch is in a difficult location.  A moderate but dangerous and slippery rock scramble will get you to a ledge below the arch.  There is another high wall that prevents entry to the arch itself.  The arch is also covered in the back by a large growing tree, so seeing “through” the arch is obscured.

A wide-angle lens is needed from this location.  You can also stand on the rocks in the canyon to get a larger image.

The mileage came out to 2.1 to 2.4 miles and is mostly easy, with some very minor rock scrambling.