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Wildwood by T.M. Schultze

November 2014 Photo of the Month: Wildwood

My November 2014 Photo of the Month is Wildwood, a photograph made on Old Highway 80 near Descanso.

Wildwood by T.M. Schultze

Wildwood by T.M. Schultze

Wildwood Background

The Wildwood Glen Lane segment of Old Highway 80 is one of my favorite stretches of the old road. This section is now closed off, because West of Ellis Spring, near the location of Deadman’s Curve (the curve was located at the current Scenic View area and Interstate 8 cuts across the curve), Interstate 8 obliterated the original road.

The road has belonged to the Cleveland National Forest since the opening of Interstate 8, so you can walk/hike a 1.5 mile stretch of concrete panels.  In some areas, you can still make out yellow paint that demarcated the middle.  Some panels have dates imprinted.  The asphalt shoulders have been lost to time, yet these 80 year-old road stretches still look perfect in areas.

The only evidence of modern life is that this road stretch is used by several companies for running fiberoptic cable, so there are occasional posts off the roadside to demarcate their existence.

Weather, particularly dramatic weather, is what gets me excited.  This storm, while not too wet, was blowing through.  I loved the contrast between a warm, beautiful, sunset and the foreboding, dark clouds.

As far back as I can remember, I was quite interested in cities, roads, and maps.  A Thomas Guide was a desired birthday or Christmas gift.  My view on cities changed as I learned about urban sprawl and the effect it had on the larger environment I learned to love.  When I discovered photography as an art, it was only a matter of time before the interests of my childhood would intersect with my interests as an adult.  Old US Highway 80 in San Diego County was sitting right there for me to discover.

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the image!

Joshua Tree Photo Guide – Down To The Wire

The Photographer’s Guide To Joshua Tree National Park will be coming out next month!  On behalf of my co-author, Jeremy Long, I am very excited for the first edition release.  The Guide will be available in multiple formats, Ibooks, Kindle, Nook, and a PDF edition.  All should be readable on the device of your choice.

This is the point where finishing the guide becomes extremely stressful.  Text must be completed, and then proceed through multiple revisions.  Image placement will need to be just perfect.  Every detail must be looked at, and most importantly, the book needs to be released.  I am a perfectionist, and the quest for that perfection often results in little work completed.  I am very much looking forward to the completion of the guide so we can proceed to the next one.

Purchase and download instructions will be available at once we are completed!

Mandatory-Tech Website

I wanted to take a moment and recommend you subscribe to my friend’s website at Mandatory Tech.  The website is available at  My friend’s name is William Murphy and he covers technology, gadgets, and various issues in the industry.

His latest post concerns Smart Automation at home, a field that is going to become even more important in the future as the Internet of Things becomes a reality.  This technology is going to be about a lot more than digital thermostats.  Imagine having total control over your home’s energy usage, even when you are not at home.  As energy remains the most important issue facing a 21st century world, efficiently using the energy you have is paramount.

He posts new updates in the fast-changing smartphone industry as well, and his annual buyer’s guides are extremely popular.

The pace of change in technology continues unabated, and this is another source for you to keep up!

When you have a moment, take a look and let him know what you think about his site!